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I think I've died and gone to Burger Heaven.

Jul 04, 2011 by Katie

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! I was with my boyfriend and cousin and we were about to see Transformers 3 and decided that our tummy's were rumbling a bit... So we walked by Burger House and decided to stop it. Immediately we were greeted by friendly staff. The manager kept insisting to the cook that he "WOW'S" him. We told him we want heart shaped ketchup on our burger. It was a very funny moment, we got our food VERY fast sat and ate and it was DELICIOUS! REAL FOOD!!!! not like the chain of Fast foods that seem to be on Broadway. On our way out, I had to stop and tell the manager "Thank you" for having such a welcoming environment. It was such a nice change from the rude, and careless workers at other eatery locations. Even though the food was AMAZING here, the service was what really makes me want to keep coming back. The manager made sure to thank everyone who was leaving the store after they finished eating, and it was a really nice change seeing how New Yorkers are so "separated"... It was nice to feel "human" and connect with someone for a few minutes. I really honestly believe that the workers on Broadway deserve a lot of credit and need promotions! Without them, this place wouldn't be as good as it is. Great Food, Better Service... Thanks for making me NEVER go to Mcdonalds, Burger King, or any other lousy place again! This is going to be my new "Burger House" (pun very much intended) =]

Great food, Nice staff.

Jul 04, 2011 by Matt

awesome burgers. incredibly fast service. Nice staff behind counter. friendly warm and caring, and the food is good to boot.

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